September is World Alzheimer’s Awareness Month; Alzheimer’s Action Day is September 21

During World Alzheimer’s Awarenss Month in September, you can help fight the stigma surrounding Alzheimer’s disease, educate others about the disease, and begin to change the way we look at Alzheimer’s.

Help us to create a conversation within the African and Caribbean community

  • Speak up about the facts: Alzheimer’s is NOT normal aging or “a little memory loss,” it is a progressive and fatal disease.
  • Share your story about overcoming stigma around Alzheimer’s disease at 
  •  Visit  to learn more about dementia and for tips on how to handle stigma surrounding Alzheimer’s disease.
  • End ALZ on Facebook. Turn Facebook purple by using our graphic as your profile picture. Tell your friends why you’re supporting the promotion of Alzheimer’s awareness and ask them to join you.