Culture Remembers What Dementia Forgets

Culturally Sensitive Reminiscence Tools for Families, Care Homes & Day Care Centre's

Culturally Sensitive Reminiscence Tool

Deliver personalised culturally sensitive support for the elderly and those living with dementia and their families from multi cultural backgrounds. 

Talk about dementia with others who are going through or have been through it. 

Share experiences, ask question or just talk about life for your own well-being.


An online support profile for family & friends, professionals and care workers to provide personal & consistent Culturally Sensitive support for the elderly.

Memory Box

Culturally Sensitive reminiscence photos, videos & music to interact and stimulate conversation between the elderly, carers and families


Download and print Culturally Sensitive activities to engage and stimulate interaction either at home, care home or day care centre, in a one 2 one or group session

360 Degree Quality of care

The Pearl Support Culturally Sensitive Reminiscence tool enables families, carers, friends and professionals to come together to build a profile about the individual living with dementia to provide the best support possible


Our tools enables families, extended families and friends to share important culturally sensitive reminiscence items and information to ensure the family is supporting as a unit

Care Homes

Our tools empower and educate care homes and care workers to provide culturally sensitive support ensuring the individual can engage more and have a lasting feeling of enjoyment for a better quality of life

Kind Words

Our BME residents have become more engaged and we have improved our communications with the family

Clare Court Homes

Using the Pearl Support App helped our family remain close through the though times by sharing memories and engaging Dad in ways we never thought of. Thank you!

The Thomspon Family

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