Start a Culturally Sensitive Memory Cafe

Start a Memory Cafe

We help you to set up Culturally Sensitive Dementia Cafe's whether you have an existing Cafe or would just like to start one.

become a volunteer


Help make a difference, together we can change lives. You can help in many ways both online and offline, every little helps

Make a Donation

Help us to keep helping others, your donation will help to grow and be able to provide more for people and famalies affected by dementia

Help Spread the word

Spread the Word

We need your help to reach people, find out how you can help us spread the word. We want everyone to know we are there for them

List Organisations

If you are or know of Organisations that can help or provide services for people affected by Dementia then please list the organisation

Pearl Support Ideas and Suggestions

Ideas & Suggestions

Your ideas & suggestions are welcome, the input we get the better we will be at providing culturally sensitive support.