Supporting people from the BME community living with dementia, their carers, family and care workers, ensuring access to culturally sensitive support, activities, products & services for a better quality of life. 

Culture Remembers what Dementia Forgets

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Learn more about Dementia and also how Culturally Sensitive Dementia Support can help

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You are not alone, come and share, come and help, come and meet other carers, families, care workers, professionals and organisations

Culture Remembers what Dementia Forgets

Culturally Sensitive Products

Items to pleasantly stimulate minds affected by dementia  through culturally sensitive products

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Activities you can download and print, activities help to stimulate memories and encourage interaction.

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Start a Culturally Sensitive Memory Cafe Today!

If you cannot find an appropriate Culturally Sensitive Dementia Memory Cafe in your area, start your own

Memory Cafe in a Box

We can help you to easily start your own Culturally Sensitive Dementia Memory Cafe in your Area. We provide a detailed structure on how to get started and also provide the tools, products & services to help enhance your interaction with people affected by Dementia. You can choose which culture you wish to provide support for or simply provide for everyone. You can help towards giving people affected by dementia a good quality of life.

Culturally Sensitive
Care Homes

Make your care home Culturally Sensitive by providing  activities for people from the BME community 

We have found that residents with dementia or Alzheimer’s from a cultural background other than the majority in the care home itself become isolated and depressed causing a faster decline than a resident who’s care home can also provide reminiscence activities and stimulants relative to their early years. Find out how our Culturally Sensitive Products and Services can help enhance the lives of residents who’s background is from the BME community.