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    Dementia in Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Communities


    Recent research has estimated that nearly 25,000 people currently living with dementia are from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities in the UK. It has been estimated that this figure will rise to 50,000 by 2026 and 172,000 by 2051 in correlation with the growing and ageing UK BAME population living in the UK (All Party Parliamentary Group, 2013). In 2001 approximately 532,000 people from BAME groups were aged 65 years and over. This figure is expected to rise to approximately 3.8 million by 2051 (Lievesley, 2010) whereby significant proportions of people from BAME communities will be aged 65 years and over when compared to White British people.

    In 2013, the All Party Parliamentary Group published the report ‘Dementia does not Discriminate’ about the experiences of people from BAME communities, with seven recommendations being suggested for helping people with dementia and their families from BAME communities to live well.

    The Association for Dementia Studies recognise that this area is largely under-explored and we are committed to building evidence-based practical ways for working with such communities. Dr Karan Jutlla previously led this area of work at ADS, and networked considerably to develop the research agenda. Karan also featured in the video Race and Dementia – ‘Dementia doesn’t care about the person. We should.’ This was produced by the Runnymede Trust and published in November 2013. The film explores the double discrimination and how the current system fails to address the unique issues faced by BAME people with dementia. The film is part of the ‘End Racism This Generation’ campaign, which calls on individuals and organisations to make change in their own lives, workplaces and communities to tackle racism.