The Alzheimer's society does not have a clue about black people  


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09/08/2019 10:47 pm  

After making many attempts to talk to the Alzheimer's Society about their culturally sensitive support for members of the Caribbean community, with very little response, and the little that we did get was only to say that we will get someone to call you back, which never happened, I have come to the conclusion that they don't have a clue, or just don't care, however they have now awarded £86,000 (over a three years) to a phd student to f o research after which they will put things in place things that are culturally relative. My question is do they think that some student can work out what we need, when we already know! And we have been trying t o tell them. Do they think we are stupid? Here is a link to what they are doing. Whats your thoughts?

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