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28/04/2018 7:34 pm  

I am having difficulties getting my Dad diagnosed. I live alone with him and he is refusing to admit there is anything wrong. I got my sister involved and we managed to get a doctor out to see him at home, as he was refusing to go in. That, however, has got us nowhere. He passed the memory test with almost no trouble (even though ten minutes earlier he was asking my sister who she was), and although a blood test was taken, when the surgery told him to come in for the results he told them he didn't need to. Now I'm stuck as to what to do next.

My sister reckons I should ring up, make an appointment and drag him to it, but she doesn't understand how stubborn he is, and what problems this would cause for me at home. The surgery isn't being wonderfully understanding. When we asked if they could make out they needed to call him in for a general check-up or something the doctor replied he would have to tell my dad everything. That would make him run a mile! Things are complicated by the fact that I am with a different surgery. I'm now in the process of seeing someone for myself, because all the stress I'm under has brought back the depression I suffered with years ago. I am almost at the end of my tether, rapidly losing interest in home and family, and feeling an urge to pack up and run away regardless, except I can't. Sorry for the miserable post, I needed to get it out there! Any thoughts and suggestions at this point would be.



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