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[Sticky] How to create and use the Family Support Profile  



Below is the full version video tutorial showing you how to create and use the Family Support Profile

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I watched the video about "How to Use the Family Support Profile" and found it extremely helpful. It would be very useful to try to make this instructional video as prominent as possible so that it is one of the first things that visitors to the site see. When I first set up a profile for my Dad, I initially started by just filling in the sections myself, and didn't see the video instructions until much later during my use of the website. I think it is highly probable others might do the same as me, so I'd also advise you to try to make sure that the asterisked instructions indicate that the details people have to enter are for the person they are caring for, not themselves. So, for example, instead of just saying "Name", the instruction should say something like: "Name of your loved one" or "Name of the person you are caring for". Similarly, instead of "Description", the instruction could say "Write a few sentences about the person you are caring for" or "Describe the person you are caring for", etc. Lastly, is it possible to make the text on the website and the information entry boxes a little bolder so that the information stands out more clearly against the white background. For me, black text would be better than grey against white, and black against a light yellow background creates a better contrast so that people can see where to enter text more clearly on your webforms and pull-down menus. Thank you. 


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