South London Black Elderly Project (now The Hestia Age Activity Centre)
Type of Service: Day Care Centre,
134 Borough High Street, Tooting, London, SE1 1LB.
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Supports African & Caribbean Residents
About South London Black Elderly Project (now The Hestia Age Activity Centre)

We provide a multitude of services to older adults across London.

Our support includes practical and emotional support in the form of Floating Support where older adults are assisted to continue to live independently in their own homes. Day Centres which allow older adults to reduce isolation and partake in social activities and finally our Hospital Discharge Service which aims to ease the transition from hospital to home and reduce the risk of readmission.

How we help:

We work very closely with social services, local hospitals and the advice agencies to ensure that all older adults referred to us live a high quality of life and are as independent as possible.

In certain circumstances, older adults arrive into our services having never engaged with any health or social care professionals. Our staff take on this responsibility and successfully facilitate them to attain suitable housing, assist them with applying for entitled benefits, and put them in touch with befriending agencies as well as appropriate health professionals as required.

Day Centre Placements

These consist of services for older people that range from providing meals and directing them to receive physical care to ensuring there are opportunities for education, socialising and engaging with enjoyable activities. They can be formal or informal placements, with people either being referred or simply dropping in. We have two centres for older people, one in Lewisham and another in Wandsworth. Each has its own character and resource.

Ealing Hospital Discharge Service

Our Hospital Discharge Service aims to ease the transition from hospital to home for those who are physically ready for a discharge but may require additional support before returning home.

As such our staff and volunteers will ensure that there is sufficient access to food, gas, electric and health related supplies. Discharged older adults will also receive follow up visits to ensure that any longer-term needs are also being met.

Type of Service:
Day Care Centre,

Day Care Activities:

Registered Care Category:
Dementia, Mental Health Condition,
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