Soho House Culturally Sensitive Memory Cafe
Type of Service: Memory Cafe,
Soho Avenue (off Soho Road), Birmingham, Birmingham, B18 5LB.
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Supports African & Caribbean Residents
About Soho House Culturally Sensitive Memory Cafe

You are invited to the launch of Birmingham’s first Culturally Sensitive Memory Cafe on Thursday the 30th March 2017, which will be aimed at anyone caring for persons with dementia, or worried about someone’s memory, or if you just want to meet and socialise with other people who are, or have been affected by dementia.

After the launch the Soho House Memory Cafe will take place on the third Friday of every month.

For more information please email: or call 0121 392 8634

Type of Service:
Memory Cafe,

Day Care Activities:

At the Launch of the Soho House Memory Cafe, which starts at and finishes at, we will have speakers and dementia professionals in place to help and outline the needs and benefits of Culturally sensitive dementia services. We will also have dementia friendly activities, music, food and refreshments.

21 Apr 2017
19 May 2017
16 Jun 2017
21 Jul 2017
18 Aug 2017
15 Sep 2017
20 Oct 2017

Registered Care Category:
Dementia, Old Age,
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