Rose Court Care Home
Type of Service: Care Home only (Residential Care),
253 Lower Road, Rotherhithe,, London, SE8 5DN.
About Rose Court Care Home

Rose Court is a Southwark care facility owned by Anchor Trust that offers a variety of services to surrounding communities depending on individual care requirements.

Residents of Rose Court include the elderly and disabled, being an ideal home for those with mobility issues, as well as having staff who are experienced enough to look after people suffering an onset of dementia, including any mental health and behavioural problems.

Rose Court has generous grounds that occupants enjoy relaxing in, with its own dedicated catering team and a fully-furnished interior that allows people to live in style and comfort.

Type of Service:
Care Home only (Residential Care),

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Registered Care Category:
Specialist Care Category:
How many rooms:
There's 64 rooms
How many with Ensuite(WC):
There's 64 rooms with ensuite
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