October 17, 2017

Diwali is a time of diyas, crackers and get-togethers. It is also the time for snacks and sweets which is a perfect recipe for weight gain. Get in the holiday spirit and remember these few tips that will help you maintain your health while not taking away the fun of being part of the festivities :-


  1. Drink lots of water as, in the midst of all the rush, we often   tend to overlook consuming water. This would keep you   hydrated and help to prevent avoidable food craving.


  1. Stay away from sweets that use artificial food colors and    chemical preservatives. Avoid flour based foods and go for whole wheat bread.


  1. Have a healthy high fibre breakfast to ensure high energy throughout the day. Since we eat and drink mostly in evenings these days, it would only be prudent to balance out by eating less throughout the


  1. Never turn up for a Diwali party on an empty stomach. Have a light snack or nuts before which will prevent over-indulging during the party. While eating out, ensure you consume mostly vegetables with less or no gravy. Prefer sauted or lightly fried vegetables.


  1. It is important to be fit. Find innovative ways to exercise during the festival like dancing, go shopping but instead of taking an auto or your car, walk it and use the shopping bags as your dumb bells. Promise yourself that you would indulge in double the amount of gymming than the calories consumed in the last party.


  1. Do not substitute snacks and savories as proper meals. Have your three meals and snack once a day in moderation.


  1. Avoid consuming more than two medium drinks of alcoholic beverages.  Prefer dry wine instead of sweetened wine. If you have a long evening over drinks, dilute your drinks and take water and soda intermittently.

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